Pinetree Celebrating 30 Years in August!

Flash Back some great articles from 1987 about Pinetree!!! love those outfits!

Special Events were held  throughout August to celebrate our Birthday!

Free fruit, Biscuits, ice pops, sweets (1980’s flying saucers flumps refreshers palma violets)

Movie Day 1980’s movies in reception with 1980’s nibbles for members we so loved Top Gun!

Pauls surprise spin – what was the  surprise … we increased the time from 45 mins to 1 hour

1980 heat class  and 1980 Jane Fonda Stretch with Su Legg

Table Games in reception  from the 1980’s  connect 4 guess who….kerplunk… was a firm favourite,  scrabble and monopoly

1980 Aerobics and Step 10:00 with Fabulous Ann

Rower competition 1564 meters (equal 30 years in weeks) well done George Philips for the fastest time!

Treasure Hunt  and Rebix Cube competition & everyone’s favourite table tennis

Club Party  to celebrate 30 years ………..what a wonderful evening was had by all ……..great 1980’s tunes  fab food and too much alcohol!

Thank you to all the members for participation in the various events and making Pinetree such a wonderful gym!